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Re: "Daily Build" link for s390 Debian Installer points to "down server" -- again

I'm on web page


I click on the "s390" link under "other images", which is a link to

If instead you click on the link for "the lenny page", and the the s390 link under "other images" there it will take you to this page.


These images have not been updated in some time but they do support installing from stable, testing and unstable and seem to work both as install images and as a rescue system.


and I get the following error in my browser (eventually, after a timeout):

   Unable to load page

   Problem occurred while loading the URL http://lophos.multibuild.org/d-i/images/daily/

   Cannot connect to destination

I assume that the server is down.  Again.  (Or should I say still?)
What is the deal with this server?  Why does it always seem to be down?
If it's unreliable then it should be fixed or replaced, should it not?

I also get this error and have for some time, as such I would like to reach out and offer system support help to whoever runs that system or propose the s390 daily build effort move to "http://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/"; or "http://people.debian.org/"; like other platforms.

This is of course complicated by the fact that I cannot find direct contact information for the owner of lophos.multibuild.org, but if anyone on this list knows how to pass this offer along please do so!

Ian Corbett

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