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Re: Minidisk support

On 2009-12-15, Peter Oberparleiter said:

> Not sure if this helps, but the patch was recently added to Novell's 
> SLES11 kernel and SLES10 kernel and is 
> currently in review for RedHat's RHEL5 kernel.

Not being a registered Suse or Red Hat customer, I don't know if I
would have access to these backported fixes.  Ideally, what I'd like is a
backport of the official fix (from 2.6.33) to 2.6.26 (for my own use)
and 2.6.30, 2.6.31, and 2.6.32 for potential inclusion in the next
stable release of Debian for s390/s390x (6.0.0, codename Squeeze).
If I could have just one, I would go for a fix for 2.6.32, as this
appears to be the most likely one to get.  Then I have to persuade
Debian to go with the updated 2.6.32 kernel when they make Squeeze the
stable release.  I'm not sure how best to go about that.  The main goal
is to get this fix into the first stable (production) release of Squeeze.

My own attempts to backport the official fix to 2.6.26 have so far been
unsuccessful due to my miniscule C skills.  I'm getting compile errors
that I have so far not been able to resolve.  Fortunately, I have a
simpler patch that works well enough for me.

I am pleased, however, that other distributions have recognized the
importance of this fix and have back-ported it as far back as 2.6.16.
That will help persuade the powers that be in Debian that this fix is
worth waiting for.  Suse is the dominant player in Linux for s390,
and if they backport it all the way back to 2.6.16, that carries a
lot of weight!

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