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Re: Installation Question

Frans Pop wrote:
> Hm. Except that for Lenny (stable) we haven't had any new CD builds since 
> it was fixed. That will only happen at the next stable point release 
> (which is overdue).
> The weekly built CD for Squeeze [1] should work though and should be usable 
> to install Lenny too. You'll need to change the debconf priority 
> to "medium" before the mirror selection step to get a choice of which 
> release to install.

Given the low frequency of stable release updates, perhaps I should ask if
the fix for Debian bug #550898 is scheduled to be included in the next update,
both in the Debian installer and in the regular stock kernels.  This fix
is an s390/s390x-specific fix.  An upstream developer promised me that he would
get this fix in the next kernel release, which at the time was going to be
2.6.33.  But since stable Debian releases tend to go with even numbered
kernel releases, the earliest upstream version which contains this fix that
Debian actually uses is likely to be 2.6.34.  That might not even be available
in Squeeze.  I'd really like to see this fix in production as soon as possible.
Until that happens, I will have to build custom kernels.
I requested this in bug report number 550898, but no-one responded.  I have
a patch for this available on my web site now:


If you cut and paste the version in the problem log you may have problems
applying the patch due to tab versus space issues.  The version on my web site
applies just fine even without resorting to the -l option of patch.

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