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Re: Bug#550898: DASD DIAG driver doesn't work for read-only minidisks (s390, s390x only)

Stephen Powell wrote:
When using the DASD DIAG driver with a read-only minidisk, the
initialize function of DIAG X'250' fails.  The error message produced
goes something like this:

dasd(diag) 0.0.0404: DIAG initialization failed (rc=4)
dasd_generic couldn't online device 0.0.0404 with discipline DIAG rc=-5

FYI: The DASD device driver maintainers are aware of this problem and will provide a fix for the upstream version of the Linux kernel with the next merge window (2.6.33). Should you need the fix for an earlier version, someone at Debian will need to port that fix back to the respective levels.

  Peter Oberparleiter

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