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Re: Future of the s390 port

> Run it, try the different installation methods, especially with testing
> and unstable. Report the findings either as bugs or on the mailing-list.
> Show things that can be made easier to understand/use for the mainframe
> people.
> Maybe you know how to properly IPL systems from CD/DVD and can even test
> that. Maybe you have the possibility to run it on a LPAR instead of VM.
> Bastian

I shall be happy to do all of the above.  I do have access to a real
mainframe.  It's a z/890 (2086).  It's not one of the newest machines.
It's not a z9 or z10.  But it is 64-bit.  And I do have a spare LPAR I
can test with.  And yes, I do know how to IPL Linux in an LPAR from CD.
I don't know how to create an ISO image that the mainframe considers
bootable; but if you point me to an ISO image I can burn a copy onto CD
and IPL the thing and let you know if it came up OK.  I also have z/VM
5.4.0 and can install in a virtual machine under z/VM.  That's how I
normally do it.  z/VM's LPAR has a dedicated IFL processor, and that is
it's only processor.  The other LPARs, including my test LPAR,
share a standard processor.

I'm currently working on a "how to" document that explains how to get
the high-performance DASD DIAG driver to work under Debian.  I'll post
a link to it on this list when I'm done.

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