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Problem on Instalation of Debian Lenny

Hi Guys,

Well, I trying install Debian Lenny on System z behavior z/VM.
The first attempt was: I downloaded the essentials files from the official mirror ftp server (ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/lenny/main/installer-s390/current/images/generic/) but, the message "[17179570.468526] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!" was displayed and the installation stop.

Very well..
The next attempt was: I downloaded the essentials files from other release of lenny (the first release announced in 01/23/2009) (ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/lenny/main/installer-s390/20090123+b1/images/generic/) and the basic modules not found (the message bellow is displayed)

   âââââââââââââââââ⤠[!!] Download installer components âââââââââââââââââââ
   â                                                                       â
   â No kernel modules were found. This probably is due to a mismatch      â
   â between the kernel used by this version of the installer and the      â
   â kernel version available in the archive.                              â
   â                                                                       â
   â If you're installing from a mirror, you can work around this problem  â
   â by choosing to install a different version of Debian. The install     â
   â will probably fail to work if you continue without kernel modules.    â
   â                                                                       â
   â Continue the install without loading kernel modules?                  â
   â                                                                       â
   â     <Go Back>                                       <Yes>    <No>     â
   â                                                                       â

Well again not worked the installation..

I really need one help about this problem..

I have installed the Debian Etch a while ago, but today this version is not supported in mirrors, I did not find any mirror what work fine with this version.

Best regards,

Fernando Gieseler
Technical Sales Specialist for System z
-  Linux and z/VM -
IBM Brasil
fone: +55-51-2131-5848
cel: +55-51-9988-8177
fax: +55-51-2131-5875
ITN: 5 759-5848
T/L: 759-5848

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