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Bug#499833: chccwdev cannot set device offline in Lenny

Hi, Bastien.

> I fail to see what s390-tools or the chccwdev tools have to do with this
> problem.

It's possible that I may have reported this bug against the wrong
package.  chccwdev is part of the s390-tools package.  And chccwdev fails.
But the actual cause of the problem may be elsewhere.

As my previous update indicates, I don't think that there's a problem
with the code itself, but with the packaging.  There appears to be a missing
dependency somewhere.  Maybe the dependency is missing in Etch too.  But
because I had the needed package installed in Etch, it worked.

> Just to be curious, why do operate it in diag mode then? /boot is not
> used in normal operation.

True.  I created a file in /etc/modprobe.d, which I called dasd, which looks
like this:

options dasd_mod dasd=0.0.0200-0.0.0203(diag)

It was simpler just to tell diag to run everything.
Then I ran "update-initramfs -u", followed by "shutdown -r now", and
the DIAG driver took over everything upon reboot.  (The linux instance uses
only the four DASD devices listed above.)  At the time, I didn't realize
that zipl wouldn't work with the DIAG driver.  I eventually got tired
of switching back and forth whenever I needed to run zipl and changed
the /etc/modprobe.d/dasd file to look like this:

options dasd_mod dasd=0.0.0200(diag),0.0.0201,0.0.0202-0.0.0203(diag)

Now I don't need to switch anymore.  But there are other situations where
I need to take devices online and offline dynamically.

> Lenny have 2.6.26-5.

Today, yes.  But at one point in the evolution of Lenny it was using a
2.6.24 kernel.  I haven't updated this server in several months.  As a
previous update indicates, I upgraded to the latest kernel, but it did
not solve the problem.  The problem was solved only after a bunch of
new packages were installed.  Which package resolved the hidden dependency
I do not know.


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