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Re: Installation Help on Z9


No Etch did not seem to detect the QDIO adapter for whatever reason.  Lenny did, however.

I am pretty much stuck with lcs (for whatever reason, they don't want me to use the other adapter).  I am not sure how I am going to get the driver in there to configure it by hand if it is missing from the installer.  Looks like I can't get there from here.


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On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 04:59:59PM -0400, THOMAS DELANY wrote:
> Can anyone out there give me a little nudge in the right direction for
> getting Debian running on a Z9 in an LPAR? 
> I have tried both Etch and Lenny without any success. I am trying to
> install from a tape image that I can IPL. I have had not problems in
> creating the tape image, or in getting it to IPL. The problem has come
> in with the network adapter. 

Glad to hear that it also works in a LPAR. I'm usualy only able to test
within z/VM.

> With Etch, when the kernel boots from tape, no network adapters seem
> to be detected. With Lenny, I get farther, but the network adapter
> that I need to use still does not appear to get detected. 

So Etch does not even detect the QDIO adapter?

> The adapter that I need to use is an OSA adapter in LCS mode. Lenny
> detects another OSA adapter on the system that is running in QDIO
> mode, but I cannot use that one because it does not have connectivity
> to the world. 

I'm afraid but LCS support was removed from the installer years ago.
You can either set it up by hand or use QDIO like everyone else.

> I cannot seem to come up with the right kernel parameters for the
> kernel parameter file to make it load the driver for the OSA adapter
> in LCS mode. The installer does not detect the LCS adapter, and that
> is not even a choice presented to me by it. 

Because the kernel module is missing from the installer.


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