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Installation Help on Z9

Can anyone out there give me a little nudge in the right direction for getting Debian running on a Z9 in an LPAR?

I have tried both Etch and Lenny without any success.  I am trying to install from a tape image that I can IPL.  I have had not problems in creating the tape image, or in getting it to IPL.  The problem has come in with the network adapter.

With Etch, when the kernel boots from tape, no network adapters seem to be detected.  With Lenny, I get farther, but the network adapter that I need to use still does not appear to get detected.

The adapter that I need to use is an OSA adapter in LCS mode.  Lenny detects another OSA adapter on the system that is running in QDIO mode, but I cannot use that one because it does not have connectivity to the world.

I cannot seem to come up with the right kernel parameters for the kernel parameter file to make it load the driver for the OSA adapter in LCS mode.  The installer does not detect the LCS adapter, and that is not even a choice presented to me by it.

I was able to get a Slackware kernel to find the OSA adapter (the one in LCS mode), but the kernel parameters (or how I need to specify them) seem to be different, because the parameters that worked with Slackware got me nowhere with Debian.

As I initially asked, can someone nudge me in the right direction?  I have read through what documentation that I can find looking for the answer, to no avail.

Tom Delany

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