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Installation of debin/390 on hercules

Hello  *,

i am trying to install debian/390 on the hercules emulator. What i have done 
so far:
- downloaded initrd.debian, kernel.debian and parmfile.debian from    
- created a virtual tape file at address 581 and
- ipl' ed 581

The installer starts and prompts for the network device type: ctc, qeth oder 
iucv (vm guests only).
I select ".1" and get the error message: ×× ERROR: No CTC or ESCON 

I have defined a ctc-device in the hercules.conf - file an this device works 
without problem with debian sarge.

The device definition reads
0800    3088    CTCI    /dev/net/tun 1500
0801    3088    CTCI    /dev/net/tun 1500
(limes wrapped)

The hercules version is 3.02 and can run debian sarge whitout problems.

Can somebody enlighten me on this?


regards Guenther

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