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s390x vs. s390


one of our buildd reports s390x instead of s390 for 'uname -m'. Am I
correct that both architectures have a 32 bit userland and not 64 bit?
Please Cc: Knut and me in your answer because we are not subscribed to
the mailing list.


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From: knut st. osmundsen <bird@anduin.net>
Date: Jan 7, 2008 4:22 AM
Subject: Re: patch for kbuild
To: mail.twerner@googlemail.com

Torsten Werner wrote:
> Hi Knut,
> I am sending you another patch for kbuild.

Thanks. I've applied it with some extras for detecting 64-bit / 32-bit
based on gcc/gcc/config/*/*.h and vendor docs (sun, ibm, hp). From what
I can tell, 's390x' seems to be the id of 64-bit linux for S/390. So,
I've take the liberty to add it as a separate kBuild arch. Let me know
if this is wrong or problematic (I've no clue since it's ~6 years since
last I played with mainframes).

Kind Regards,

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