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Re: Debian for S390 links

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On 30-10-2007 12:18, RPN01 wrote:
> Go to the URL http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/debian-installer/ and
> look down the page for the S390 on DVD. I downloaded all three DVDs, but I
> think that you really only need the first one to get started, and then
> during the install, you can point to a Debian mirror to get everything else
> you need.
> You'll need to find the three files on the DVD needed to do the initial
> boot. For z/VM, you'll want the ones meant for the virtual card reader, or
> for a bare LPAR, you'll need the ones for tape. The three files contain the
> initial kernel, the parmfile, and the initial initrd to be loaded.

Thank you very much, I'm not quite sure why you send me this
information, but thanks. :)

I'm still trying to figure out if trustsec have a new home for:
http://www.trustsec.de/deb390/, that's the broken link reported
in the first message.

> I'm not sure why the Debian site is so messed up, and / or why no attempts
> are being made to fix it.

If you are complaining about the info on how to install, please,
consider reporting a bug against installation-guide-s390. And
there is a great chance that people that can fix that are not
aware about the problem.

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