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Bug#445148: S390: Build w/ /boot partition succeeds, but re-boot fails in fsck

tags 445148 confirmed
reassign 445148 s390-tools

> Install boot went as expected, up until the first re-boot. After
> rebooting, system fails in fsck because one of the partitions is
> "already mounted".
> Configuration is a 125 cylinder /dev/dasda1, which is to be mounted
> as /boot, and a large /dev/dasdb1 which is to be mounted as /.
> fsck fails for dasda1, but I don't see anywhere that dasda1 is mounted.
> mount /boot says that it's already mounted or dasda1 is busy, and
> umount /boot says it isn't mounted.

I have reproduced the issue.

This does not seem to be an installation problem. Instead it looks like 
either the boot loader or the kernel is not releasing the partition 
holding /boot after the kernel and/or the initrd have been loaded.

I'll send a mail to the linux-s390 mailing list to ask for help with this.

The workaround is easy:
- enter the administrator password when requested
- type 'exit' when in the root shell; this will complete the boot process
- edit /etc/fstab and change the value in the column "<pass>" for the
  /boot partition from 2 to 0 to exclude it from fsck during future boots

I must say that I'm not sure what the benefits would be of having a separate
/boot partition on s390, but this still seems like a bug that should be 

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