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wireless-tools marked non-for-us on S390, blocking other packages from entering testing


Several people have emailed me that their packages, which depend on
wireless-tools, can't enter testing because wireless-tools is
out-of-date on S390. It appears that at some point, the wireless-tools
package was marked not-for-us on S390. Newer versions have been uploaded
since then, but since the S390 autobuilders did not build them, and an
older S390 package was still in the archive, the new versions are not
being considered to move to testing.

Now, the S390 architecture may be different enough from other
architectures that it does not have the ability to connect a wireless
network card to. I can see why you would want to block wireless-tools
from being autobuilt on S390 then. But if you follow the reverse
dependencies of the wireless-tools and libiw29 packages, you see that
blocking these packages means that you end up making KDE and GNOME

The wireless-tools packages are very small, and have in the past been
autobuilt for S390 without any problems. Please choose whether you want
to include wireless-tools on S390, even if the only functionality on
S390 would be to say "no, this interface has no wireless capabilities",
or to exclude wireless-tools on S390, and consequently want to deal with
the rather large problem of reverse dependencies.

Met vriendelijke groet / with kind regards,
      Guus Sliepen <guus@debian.org>

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