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[D-I] Kernel/module udebs status - massbuild script update

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kernel udeb status
Because I had to test the changes below anyway, I have done what I guess 
will be my last massbuild and upload of kernel/module udebs.

All arches are now at 2.6.21-2, with the following exceptions:
- sparc: at 2.6.20 because sparc32 is not enabled in 2.6.21; I've been
  waiting for a formal decision about whether sparc32 is going to be
  dropped for lenny or not [1]; Jurij Smakov is going to follow up on
  that soon
- hppa: at 2.6.18 because the parisc64 kernels are seriously broken [2];
  however, it may be better to update the kernel despite this
- powerpc: at 2.6.18; until now we've never had all needed source
  packages available; I've asked Colin to do the update and hope he'll
  find time soon

We'll switch the updated arches to 2.6.21-2 once they are through NEW.

All up-to-date arches now have both loop-eas and squashfs module udebs, 
- arm: only loop-aes as squashfs is not available
- m68k: has neither because loop-aes was never available and given
  current status of the arch it does not really make sense to upload
  for only squashfs

massbuild script
With the addition by Otavio of squashfs udebs to the linux-module-di 
packages (for the live CD project), a new version of the massbuild script 
was needed to support the fact that there are now two dependencies 
(binaries from loop-aes and linux-modules-extra-2.6).

Today I have made the necessary changes and in the process merged the two 
previous scripts and the new script more generic. There were of course 
some challenges (especially the version numbering for squashfs).

Some highlights:
- desired version of dependencies is no longer passed as a parameter, but
  read from a file 'massbuild.versions'
- the --incoming option will now make the build try incoming _after_
  trying the regular mirror
- a separate line is added in the changelog for each build dependency and
  specifies the version the package was built against
- the '-m <changelog text>' option will now _add_ an extra line in the
  changelog instead of overruling the default entries; if multiple lines
  are passed, they will be added as separate entries

As all these changes IMO make the script mature enough, I have moved it to 
the packages/kernel directory in trunk.


[1] So far this has only been discussed, but the project has not yet made 
a formal decision:
- http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2007/05/msg00007.html
- http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2007/05/msg00804.html
[2] http://bugs.debian.org/426391

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