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Kernel packages for s390/VM up at an unofficial repository

I built an etch s390 kernel with some options that I find useful; CIFS support is chief among them, with DIAG support close behind (I also re-added tape support, because I find it useful).  It's really intended for use in a VM environment, and if anyone wants it, add the following to sources.list:

deb http://debian390-repository.sinenomine.net/ ./

The signing key is F8B151AC

and the key is available from pgp.mit.edu.  The usual set of packages created with make-kpkg are up on that repository.  There are no source changes from vanilla Etch, just compilation options.

I haven't done a real patch to the sysconfig tools, but I added the following to /etc/sysconfig/hwup-dasd

  if test "$USE_DIAG" -eq "1" ; then
    echo 1 > $SYSFS$DEVPATH/use_diag

(just before the online)

And then, of course, /etc/sysconfig/hardware/ccw-0.0.0151 (my DASD VDISK) now contains 

This *should* speed performance of swap-on-VDISK, but I confess that I have not actually benchmarked it at all.

(I've also done a patch to hwup-ccw to not reject tape out of hand, but since in my environment I typically pass the tape device around between guests rather than having it available at boot I haven't tested it yet.  3480/90 support works fine with my emulated 3490, in that I can read and write tar files to the /dev/ntibm0 device)


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