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gnat-4.1/gcj-4.1 manual builds needed on alpha, arm, m68k, mips, mipsel, s390, sparc

While having built and uploaded things correctly for experimental, I
didn't do the same for unstable, which now needs some manual
intervention building gnat-4.1 and gcj-4.1.

gnat-4.1 (mips mipsel s390 sparc):

 - work in a sid chroot
 - install gnat-4.1-base libgnat-4.1 libgnatprj4.1 libgnatvsn4.1
   from etch
 - fetch gnat-4.1 from etch
 - dpkg -x gnat-4.1_4.1.1-22_*.deb
 - rm -rf usr/lib/gcc/*/4.1.3
 - tar cf - usr | (cd /; tar xfv -)
 - ln -sf ../4.1.2/gnat1 /usr/lib/gcc/$arch-linux-gnu/4.1/gnat1
 - ln -sf ../4.1.2/adalib /usr/lib/gcc/$arch-linux-gnu/4.1/adalib
 - ln -sf ../4.1.2/adainclude /usr/lib/gcc/arch-linux-gnu/4.1/adainclude
 - build with dpkg-buildpackage -b -B -d (ignoring the gnat-4.1 b-d)
 - undo at least the symlinks in the chroot, or throw away the chroot

gcj-4.1 (alpha arm m68k mips mipsel s390 sparc):

 - needs gcc-4.1_4.1.2 (not yet built on arm and m68k)
 - work in a sid chroot
 - install gcj-4.1-base libgcj7-0 libgcj7-jar libgcj7-dev libgcj7-awt
   gij-4.1 from etch
 - install other b-d's from sid
 - build

as an extra check, build the package with itself (although this will
be done with the next uploads anyway).


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