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IBM Crypto Accelerator


i've managed to get the crypto hardware device recognized in the VM
machines, and i've read the few information available on mailing lists
regarding it's use. From what i understood, the use of this device by
the webserver apache is pretty straight forward. Happens that i'd like
to use the hw crypt accel in several other services which make use of
ssl connections, such as pop3s, ldap, etc.

I've compiled the ibmca openssl lib which is part of openssl, and i've
read that it's use would be as simple as loading the engine in runtime.

I have then loaded it with the following command

openssl engine dynamic -pre SO_PATH:./libibmca.so -pre ID:ibmca -pre

>From the output i got that the engine was successfully loaded, but i
have no evidence that is in fact being used. Neither the content
of /proc/driver/z90crypt changed, or the load of the machine lowered, or
i can see libibmca.so listed in lsof.

Can someone point me out some directions for the use of the ibmca
routines in general?

Thanks in advance,

Hugo Monteiro.

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