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z90crypt module


i'm fairly new to the S390 architecture and i run several debian virtual
machines in zVM. It has come to my knowledge that there is hardware
support for cryptografic operations if one uses the z90crypt kernel
module. It happens that i tried loading the module as "more or less"
described in IBMs Redbook on "Using Cryptographic Adapters for Web
Servers with Linux on IBM System z9 and zSeries" (no c&p examples for
debian), but as result i observed the following error in dmesg

z90crypt: Version 1.3.2 loaded, built on Aug 26 2005 19:22:23
z90crypt: z90main.o ($Revision: $/$Revision:
$/$Revision: $)
z90crypt: z90hardware.o ($Revision: $/$Revision:
$/$Revision: $)
z90crypt: query_online -> Exception testing device 0
z90crypt: helper_scan_devices -> exception taken!
z90crypt: z90crypt_config_task -> Error 34 detected in refresh_z90crypt.

and also i found no evidence of use under /proc/driver/z90crypt or the
creation of the device /dev/z90crypt, although i have udev installed.

Am i missing anything?

thanks in advance,

Hugo Monteiro.

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