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s390 hardware config

Hi folks

I finaly finished a rudimentary hardware configuration. It have some
similarities with the redhat and suse sysconfig. (This was the simplest
schema I found.)

You can find the sources via

It currently lacks documentation, but the important things are:
- it only works with udev for automatic device setup.
- configs are located in /etc/sysconfig/hardware, the names match
  config-$BUS-$BUSID (for example config-ccw-0.0.9000).
  ccwgroup also uses ccw for the config name.
- A config for ccwgroup contains a CCWGROUP_CHANS array:
  | CCWGROUP_CHANS=(0.0.9000 0.0.9001 0.0.9002)
- A config for zfcp contains a ZFCP_DEVICES array:
  | ZFCP_DEVICES=(0xXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX:0x0000000000000000
- dasd is not yet supported.


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