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As you requeqsted this reporty

You're subscribe to this newslettehr. They always pick winneros! I thouggh you miglht like to see it so I am forwarding it to you.

Symbol:  GFCI

The Buy-In Report for GFCI
Offers proprietary research, uncovering large, naked-short positions in stocks on the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OTC and PINKSHEETS. Our advanced tracking software 
averages the short price in any given stock with incrediblwe accuracy, pinpointing its turnarssound price just as it begins taking off to the upside.
Grifco Intl. Inc.ir

This GFCI stock just triggerped a huge Buy signal. A big rally to the upside is imminenttq. 
The MACD analysis is very bulligsh and the money-flow readings indicate big blocks of stock are being accumulated. Smart money is trying to take some big 
positions in GFCI. This is probably why.  According to news on Janduary 9th, GFCI will be supplying the oil-field tooling equipment, including GFCI?s Jet 
powered drilling units, to a huge consortium consistiang of oil giauqnts Marathon,  American Hess, and Conoco/Phillips.  These companies will be repowering 
existing oil fields and brinegging them back online. The news goes on to say that:American Hess will add approx. 25,000 net barrels of oil per day to its 
production. At todaky?s prices, that?s approx. $41 million/month just for American

Hess. This is a colossal deal for GFCI and is probably what is triggering the smart investors to accumulate stock. Also, GFCI has begun a stock buy-back 
in the open market. The Boppard has approved up to 20,000,000 shares.  This stock is about to take off. In 2004 it was trading above $10.  No, that?s not ah 
misprint--TEN DOLLARS. Imagine if this stock would go back to that $10 level.c 

?Short Covering Rally?
A ?Short Covering Rally? can go muchba higher, faster.  Here?s why.
Wheneiver a "long" buyer purchases stock, it temporarily removes some supply from the marqket. That supply then shiftrws into the pool of "potential supply" -- y
shares which may be sold at a later date. Contrast that witwh short covering. Remember, shorts sell first and buy later. Since the short sellers have 
previouesly sold their sharjes, their coverding purchases are an increase in demand, all without the comemensurate increase in potential supply. In other words,
these purchases do not come back and hit the market. Short covering does not cause nearux-term profoit taking. So, the stockfcs go higher, faster, and ordinary 
investmors like us can make bigger profits faster! 

Past Successful Short Covers:g
Symbol: GLKC- Feb 2005



Symbol: PTGC- Sept 2005

Very often, a major event turns a company arounde. Examples of this, where there was a huge short position, are Apple (AAPL), Kmart (KM), and Whirlpool (WHR).
Each of those stocks had tremendous short positions before management changed the fundamental picture of the companies. Short covering helped drive the 
stocks to the moon.

GFCI could be another big winneruj.  The company says it is goinggu to move to the AMEX. It coulcvd be a chance to turn $2000-$3000 into some serious money. 

If you have received this by mistake and wish to make sure you are renmoved from this list call --d
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