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htp segmentation fault


I'm helping to maintain htp[0] and it doesn't works very well on s390.
htp is a HTML pre-processor, it supports the creation of macros and
other funny utils to maintain static pages easily.

Well, the concrete problem is that it seg faults while trying to parse
a 60Kb~ text (I guess that all-at-once). Since I don't have a s390 nor
programming skills, I would appreciate your help with this problem.
The s390 problem is retaining htp from being updated also in testing
(the package was orphaned for about 2 years and is very old in the
testing distribution).

The logs of buildd are:
htp 1.15 (the new version maintained by me):
htp 1.13 (the oooold version)

As you can see, the 1.13 version does not have any trouble because it
just doesn't have any testing after the compilation is done.

I hope somebody can help me.


[0] http://packages.ubuntu.com/htp

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