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New maintainer needed for Hercules?

Hi all,

Currently Matt Zimmerman is maintainer of the debian package for Hercules.
Unfortunately there has not been an update of the packages since February 
2003 and the latest 3.02 version has yet to be packaged.

Because there is a long standing RC bug open against the package (that 
even has a patch) [1], it has been removed from testing and is now being 
processed for complete removal by the Debian QA project.

IMO it would be a great pity to loose this package, as Hercules is a great 
help, amongst others for development and testing of the Debian Installer 
(for which I mainly use it myself).

So the question is: should Hercules get a new maintainer and is there 
anybody willing to take that job.

The main problem with packaging the new version appears to be that the 
upstream source contains some unversioned shared libraries [2].


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/251287

P.S. I use a self-compiled version of 3.02 currently (which works fine), 
so losing the Debian packages is not a complete disaster, but it still 
would be a shame.

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