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Re: S/390 install cd image?

Adam Thornton declared on Friday 08 July 2005 09:37 am:
> On Jul 8, 2005, at 4:20 AM, Frans Pop wrote:
> > (CCing this thread to the debian-boot list as that is where
> > installer development is coordinated)
> >
> If "Boot from CD" on G6 and earlier machines is simply treating it
> like a 3422 tape device, then all you would need is an appropriate
> TDF definition, such as


I just looked at how it was done on redhat... I downloaded RH7.1 ISOs to 
take a look at.  The relevant files are posted up at:

So, you point the SE's "boot from CDROM/server" option at the redhat.ins 
file in the above directory, which looks like it lists file names and 
memory addresses to load them at.  From what I see, it looks like the 
three files (kernel, initrd, and parmfile) are basically the same as 
what's used on a tape-based install.

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