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installation of sarge on hercules

Hi all,

it's been a while ago since i posted the error i faced. 

I was finally able to install sarge the following way:
- normal installation up to the point where i receive the error 
message: "ERROR: Bad archive mirror"
- at that point i can connect via "ssh installer@andromeda"
- instead of dropping into a shell i selected "download installer 
components" (or the like, dont't remember the exact words)
- a voila: sarge gets installed.

So debian is now up and runnig on hercules.

I am still thinking about what caused the previous mentioned error.
I've checked that hercules is up to date (version 3.02, 

What is different compared to Frans' description:
I used a kernel and initrd as of 18-November 2004.

If i can find enough time i will check whether the kernel and initrd 
from http://raptor.debian.org/d-i/images/daily/tape/
behave different.

Am Samstag, 29. Januar 2005 22:15 schrieb Frans Pop:
> On Saturday 29 January 2005 01:31, Ivan Warren wrote:
> > Side note : Current upstream hercules version is 3.02, not 3.01
> > (maybe you should give it a try !)
> Thank you for alerting me to that. I now get over 30 MIPS
> sometimes. The maximum I used to see with 3.01 was about 24, so
> an improvement of about 25%. Impressive!
> Makes a lot of difference when running aptitude and such.

I have also noticed a performance boost with hercules 3.02.  The 
MIPS Counter reaches values above 38, running hercules on an 

Finally i like to say thank you to Frans, Bastian and Ivan.

best regards

Guenther Bergmann, Am Kreuzacker 10, 63150 Heusenstamm, Germany
Guenther_Bergmann at gbergmann dot de

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