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Re: lam 7.1.1 autobuild failure:

At Fri, 08 Oct 2004 16:55:32 +0200,
Gerhard Tonn wrote:
> I was told, that the libpthread_nonshared.a has to be built with -fPIC 
> (not -fpic). I am not sure if the following patch has been applied to 
> Debians glibc
> 2003-07-10  Ulrich Drepper  <drepper@redhat.com>
>          * sysdeps/m68k/Makefile: Remove CLFAGS-.oS addition.
>          * Makeconfig (CFLAGS-.oS): Use PIC-ccflag instead of pic-ccflag.
>          (PIC-ccflag): Define.

I didn't check yet, but it should be already applied because the
current debian-glibc is based on the newer version.

-- gotom

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