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Re: cant configure s390 installation

On Thu, Sep 23, 2004 at 01:43:54AM +0200, Shimon Lebowitz wrote:
> Daemon-tools is a package on Windows that creates
> emulated CDROM drives. Think of it as similar to
> "mount -t iso9660 someimage.iso /mnt/virtualCD"
> (I hope I said that right, I am not so linuxified yet).

Well good idea, unfortunately yeah the debian cd uses symlinks for good
reasons (it would be way to big or need nonstandard cd extensions to not
do so).  Of course it has to use rockridge extensions to do symlinks
which I think only unix systems support in general.

> While I would be happy to agree that Windows is not the 
> be-all and end-all of PC operating systems, I think it is a
> bit unnecessary to start saying things like "defective OS"
> here. It is neither friendly (to me, not Gates) nor useful.

Windows is VERY bad at exchanging data with any other system.  Hence
samba and other tools for everyone else to exchange data with windows.
Unfortunately in this case that isn't good enough, since the NFS
provided by your tool can't add symlinks to the cd since windows doesn't
know about the rockridge extensions (although writing support for that
in the case of CDs would actually not be that hard in a program like you
have, assuming somebody wanted to).

> Thank you for pointing out that it is impossible to use
> the Debian CD without a working unix style host.
> There went any plans I might have had of installing it.

Short of installing linux on a PC first I guess. :)

> Well, more derogatory comments about Windows won't get 
> me anywhere, while building a CD usable on the 90% of
> the PCs in the world might have.  Oh well.. 
> AH!! Wait a sec.. I just had an idea!
> What if I ftp my ISO image file of the Debian CD from
> Windows into my old s390 SuSE 7, mount it there 
> (with that "mount" I wrote at the beginning of this email), 
> and use SuSE as my  NFS server to install Debian...
> Does that sound like it would work?

You could loopback mount the iso and nfs export it and it should work
perfectly yes.

But yeah any system that can't read rockridge cds and hence do symlinks
and export those to the installer will not work.  Your previous linux
install certainly should work.  Good luck with the rest of the install.

Len Sorensen

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