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RE: 2.4.27 and 2.6.8 : Problems IPLing both s390 & s390x under hercules

> Add devfs=mount to the kernel command line. Since 2.4.27 devfs is not
> longer mounted by default.

Works !

> You should use /etc/modprobe.d for module options. I don't know why
> /etc/mkinitrd/modules exists.

Added "options dasd_mod dasd=0108-010A" to /etc/modprobe.d - redid the
mkinitrd and this works !

> > Based on that... How should I specify my root device ?
> /dev/dasda1 or try to use devfs=mount.

/dev/dasd/0.0.0108/part1 works fine with devfs=mount


I'm having a new problem with my CTC emulation..

This is defined as a CTC that would be connected to a remote IP layer on the
other side..

This works perfect with 2.4.27 (chandev), but this seems to have changed
with 2.6 (ccwgroup/cu3088)... With chandev, when the ctc module was loaded,
chandev was also loaded and my pair of CTCs was automagically related to the
ctc0 interface..

Now with 2.6, my CTC pair is no longer handled by the ctc module... At one
point I suspected it was because I was emulating a P390 CTC (Cutype=3088/08
Devtype=3088/01) so I changed it to a rather more conventional CTC hookup
(Cutype=3088/08 devtype=3088/08) to no avail.

The devices are present in /sys/bus/ccw/devices (with these types) but while
ctc.ko is loaded (loading fsm, cu3088 and ccwgroup in the process), the
devices do not seem to hook up to the drivers (there is little or no
messages at that point except an indication that the CTC got loaded).

Any idea ?

Thanks for your time Bastian !


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