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RAMDISK failure - kernel panic

In order to install Debian for s390, I downloaded the CD iso 
images of Debian for s390, and the latest installation files
(kernel.debian, parmfile.debian, initrd.debian) from 
ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/woody/main/disks-s390/current/vmrdr/ .

I reblocked the .debian files with this pipe:
PIPE <  /  |  FBLOCK 80 00 |  >  /  F
and punched them (in the above order) to
the RDR of my LINUX01 virtual machine, with:

IPL 00C CL  worked, the system started up, but at some
point, I got a few messages, something like this: (I dont
have an exact listing right now)
RAMDISK: couldn't find valid ramdisk image starting at 0.
Freeing initrd memory ...
... "wrong magic"
... "kernel panic"

and the system died.

Is there something obvious I did wrong?
Any helpful suggestions?

Thank you,

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