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Bug#261391: please disable timer interrupts by default

Package: kernel-image-2.4.26-s390
Severity: wishlist

Adam Thornton <athornton@sinenomine.net> suggested this:

... there are a couple parameters I'd set differently for the default
S/390 case, on the assumption that most S/390 users are either running
under VM or under Hercules.

Basically, what I'd do is disable timer interrupts by default.  This
costs you a few percent on the bare metal or in an LPAR, but makes
Linux much more virtualization-friendly on VM if you have many Linuxes
running.  Since if you're running under Hercules you probably don't
care much about losing a few percent more speed, I think this
represents 90%+ of the S/390 users for whom it's either neutral or
positive.  Plus, once you add the no-timer patch, there's a sysctl
setting you can use to turn it on and off, so LPAR users who do want a
timer tick can have one.


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Martin Michlmayr

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