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Re: Problem with initial boot from vmrdr

Did you punch them with the NOH option?
pun a a b  ( noh

If not, there is a card in the front of the deck with the cms name of the

debian-s390@lists.debian.org writes:
>I have downloaded the Debian files from the VMRDR directory.
>Debian.exec and parmfile.debian were ftp-ed type ascii.  Initrd.debian
>and kernel.debian were ftp-ed binary, fixed 80.  After the kernel,
>parmfile, and initrd are punched to my reader in that order, the ipl
>of 00C results in
>HCPVMJ232E IPL UNIT ERROR; IRB 01404017 00020868 02000018 00800000 SNS
>HCPGIR450W CP entered; disabled wait PSW 000E0000 00000232
>What am I missing?  Should I download again to make sure I'm starting
>with the correct files?
>Gregg Miller
>Charlotte, NC
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