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Debian install - about wget


Does anyone know about wget?

It appears that I need to know which userid and password it uses.
I am attempting to install Debian linux. It states in the install manual
 that it uses wget during the install process.
So I telneted to the Debian linux and attempted to do a wget.
The wget failed. As I was waiting on another problem (see below),
 I created a Linux 2.2.15 (Marist) system (I can telnet to/from and ftp
 the Marist system) and tried to wget to that, and am still getting an
 but with a better message.

wget: ftp login: Can't set guest privileges.

I can not seem to ftp to the Marist system either (related?).
So I figured that I have some sort of configuration problem
(on the 2.2.15 system).
Perhaps someone could help me get this working or at least
get me pointed in the right direction.



In an unrelated issue, our T.P. people are installing
Host On Demand. I am hoping that will solve
my problem of coming from the host as a VT100
(it now comes off the host as a 3270 terminal, which
Debian installer will not communicate with). If you know
anything about Host On Demand, I would appreciate
any comments on the likelihood of it solving this
Another solution that I am working on is upgrading
the Marist system to 2.2.16 or 2.2.19,
this would allow me to create an ethernet (QDIO)
connection to the Marist system, so I should
be able to access that system as a VT100, Vt220 ...
directly, then telnet over to the Debian system.
It looks like the IBM recommendation is 2.2.16.
I would also appreciate any comments related
 to this.

Thanks again,

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