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Thought you would like to see this, Great Company!

Become your employer.
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    Nothing can be altered or falsified, for the vibratory currents convey the actual events to your vision, even as they happen But suppose, said Rob, that something important should happen while I'm asleep, or not looking at the box? I have called this a Record, replied the Demon, and such it really is, although I have shown you only such events as are in process of being recordedBy pressing this spring you may open the opposite cover of the box, where all events of importance that have occurred throughout the world during the previous twenty-four hours will appear before you in succession discontinue Orange stad, and then mail stop 1.200 B, followed by A rub a You may thus study them at your leisureThe various scenes constitute a register of the world's history, and may be recalled to view as often as you desire It's--it's like knowing everything, murmured Rob, deeply impressed for perhaps the first time in his lifeIt IS knowing everything, returning the Demon; and this mighty gift I have decided to entrust to your care
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