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I am looking for telnet VT100 emulation from MVS. xtelnet?

Anyone got a copy of  XTELNET, or other free TNVT100 telnet product that
runs on MVS?

I am trying to run the debian install (s390)  from a CD-ROM boot.
I tried to get up a QDIO ethernet connection, but can not seem to get it to
I am able to get a escon CTC to work and connect across to another LPAR
When I telnet over, I get the message Unknown terminal: ibm-3278-3-e
and the installer quits.
We do not run VM here, so I need to either
  1) Get a telnet session from the MVS that I CAN connect to, to talk in
 way that the installer can handle (ansi, vt220, vt100, vt52, ...), or
  2) Find some way to talk on the QDIO osa adapter from the linux system
that I have booted (Debian CD-ROM), or
  3) Somehow use the MVS system as a router between the CTC and OSA.

I am assured that #3 is not a possibility from our mainframe network

It does not have to be pretty, just good enough to get me though the
On the other hand, I don't want to pay much for something that I don't ever
 intend to use again (after the linux install).

I found a ftp site name to load xtelnet, but the site has apparently been
(UCLA still exists, but the site address fails).


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