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Re: Boot s/390 Debian Linux off CD How are my DASD addressed

On Thursday 29 April 2004 23:18, Steven C Peckham wrote:
> I am VERY new to Linux, so this might seem silly, but we are in a shared
> DASD shop.

Right, shared DASD is pretty silly because of the inherent privilege
escalation (local root -> global root). If you want to use linux in 
a production system, this should be changed, but it makes things easier
to do that first.

> and am VERY familiar with all of the MVS series operating systems, but do
> not know how the IOCP
> addressing translates to Linux addressing, and can NOT afford to just
> guess.

You can find a map of hardware device numbers to linux device nodes
in /proc/dasd/devices, which you can read e.g. with less or vi.

> The parmfile on the CD has just an "ro" in it, so Linux should be
> autodetecting the devices.
> I have a few thousand DASD units genned to the LPAR.

You can use the cio_ignore= or dasd= kernel parameters to restrict the
number of dasd available to linux. This will make it easier for you
and saves a lot of main storage, but won't help you on the security

	Arnd <><

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