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Re: Bug#219589: t1lib: FTBFS on s390

On Friday 07 November 2003 15:28, Artur R. Czechowski wrote:
> Package: t1lib
> Version: 1.3.1-4
> Severity: grave
> Tags: help
> Hello
> I just adopted t1lib package. Release -4 has been upload into Debian
> and it is wainting on incoming. I've checked buildd logs and I found, that
> compilation on s390 is failed[1].

Rebuilding -3 seems to work. I noticed that the old version had special
ac-tools/config.{sub,guess} files that add support for s390.

Try copying the latest versions of these files that works for you from your 
autotools to t1lib-1.3.1/ac-tools/.

	Arnd <><

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