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I have Debian running on my s/390. I have LPRng serving printers to a
variety of different clients. My mainframe prints lpd to the server, my
windows NT/95/98 clients print samba to the server, and my 2000/XP clients
print lpd. I started out with a few printers as a test and now I am adding
printers. In the end, we will have somewhere in the neighborhood of 160
printers on this server. I want to do some performance and statistic
tracking, i.e. number of print jobs total and possibly broken down by
printer, memory usage, processor usage, retries, etc. Does anyone know if
there is a way to do that in LPRng? Or is there an add-on for doing that?

Sam Warren, Jr. 

Computer Technician
Winnebago Industries
641-585-3535 ext. 7785


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