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request rebuild of cernlib 2003.08.21-3 on debian01.zseries.org


This request is directed to the s390 buildd admins.  If this list isn't
the right place to get in touch with them, please let me know.

I notice that the build of cernlib 2003.08.21-2 succeeded on
debian01.zseries.org, but the build of -3 failed on l003092 (not sure
where that machine is), with the compiler ICEing on qp_execute.c.  This
seems a bit odd since nothing changed in that file between versions -2 and
-3 of cernlib.  Could I ask the buildd admin at debian01.zseries.org to
try building -3 again, since the compiler ICE looks like it might be

thank you,

Kevin McCarty                Physics Department
kmccarty@princeton.edu       Princeton University
www.princeton.edu/~kmccarty  Princeton, NJ 08544

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