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Re: Glibc in experimental

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 03:28, Gerhard Tonn wrote:
> Jeff Bailey wrote:
> > Can an s390 porter please try to build the glibc that's in experimental? 
> > If it works for you guys, we may upload very soon.

> I am working on it. There are at least 2 problems I am going to debug. 
> One of these problems disappear when enabling TLS support. Are there any 
> plans to support TLS for Debian?

Absolutely.  Gotom and I talked a bit about a plan to rework our sysdeps
directory to make that a bit easier to do on a per-arch basis.  My plan
was to enable TLS on i386 after the next upload to unstable.  There's no
reason we couldn't do s390 / s390x at the same time.

The pressing need for uploading soon is that the version in experimental
accidentally got uploaded to unstable for sparc, so I want to do the
absolute minimum amount of changes to get the package in experimental
into unstable (and then into testing).  If --enable-tls is required for
you guys for that, we can do it though.

Jeff BAiley

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