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dpkg subarch patch

Hello all:

Note that this is intended as temporary measure that allows for amd64
and i386 packages to co-exist in Debian.  Adam Heath is planning a
solution that, in his opinion, will suit the Debian and dpkg policies

However, the amd64 porting project is currently in a desperate need of
something that does allow for i386/amd64 split system (mostly due to the
/lib vs /lib64 problem).  To that end, I've patched dpkg to support
sub-architectures in a way similar to the way it's done on RPM.

* Where to get it?

Patches can be found here [1].

[1] http://www.jukie.net/~bart/debian/amd64/patches/dpkg/

My patch (dpkg-1.10.10+lib64+subarch.clean.patch) contains the lib64
patch from Gerhard Tonn, which is available separately from his site [2].

[2] http://people.debian.org/~gt/lib64/dpkg-lib64.patch

Both patches are made against dpkg=1.10.10.

* How it works?

The config file is located in /usr/share/dpkg/subarchtable.  It is
parsed at runtime so it can be modified by users for their needs.  The
format is as follows:

	# comment
	<arch>: <subarch> ...

An <arch> can have multiple <subarch>'s, where a package compiled for a
<subarch> can be installed on <arch>.  Simple example of the x86 subarch

	amd64: i686
	i686: i586
	i586: i486
	i486: i386

Note that the list is tested recursively.  The following rules are implied:

	<arch>: <arch>	# a .deb can always be installed natively
	i386: all	# an _all.deb can be installed anywhere

* Other uses?

The patch also addresses 32/64 bit problems on sparc and s390
architectures.  Feel free to test that theory :)

Finally this can be used to generate optimized packages for other
subarchitectures (like glibc compiled with -mcpu=i686).  This is not
something I was trying to address and would likely require more work
(like fixing the archtable and dpkg-architecture for one).

If there are any problems, please let me know.


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