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library packages

Hi Folks,

For simple library packages (ones that generate only one binary) I can
see two ways of doing things:

1) modify debian/rules to generate both lib and lib64 packages
2) run `dpkg-buildpackage` followed by `linux32 dpkg-buildpackage`

I assume that the latter is more appropriate for most libraries...  
That is you run dpkg-buildpackage once to generate lib64foo*.deb and
then again to generate libfoo*.deb

However, some libs cannot be packaged this way since the lib and lib64
packages may contain other data or utilities -- like libc6's
/sbin/ldconfig, for example.

Currently our libc (at least on amd64) is packaged so that all tools are
32bit and reside in libc6*.deb while lib64c6*.deb only holds the 64bit
library files.  This is good for now, but does not work for a 64bit only

To satisfy this, I think that libc should be packaged in...

libc6				32bit runtime libs
lib64c6				64bit runtime libs
libc6-utils			binary tools
libc6-data			data files
libc6-headers			headers
libc6-dev			32bit development libs 
lib64c6-dev			64bit development libs

Note that libc6-utils can be distributed in 32 and 64 bit flavors -- and
probably should.  Either can be installed so long as the matching
lib(64)?c6 package is installed.  

The only problem with this is that other packages previously depended on
'libc6' assuming that they could have /usr/bin/locale... which would no
longer be true since that will be stored in libc6-utils.

Any thoughts on this?


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