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Re: VM Linux session not responding

On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 10:27:35AM -0500, Jack Cobb wrote:
> We are experiencing connectivity problems with some of our 390 Debian
> Linux machines.  We currently have six machines running.  Five of these

> another pc on the network.  This all started after setting up the sixth
> machine with the two dasd devices.

> When the machine drops off the VM session has not stopped but is running
> in a disconnected state.  If you login via a 3270 session to this VM

>   hipersockets (version built into the woody r0 kernel)

> same time.  Or are there any known issues with hipersockets that would
> cause this?

You should check to which rate are you overcommitting your machine. It seems
to me some service (like the TCPIP service machine) does not get enough

Sándor Bárány
          "Growing Old is Mandatory, Growing Up is Strictly Optional"

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