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Re: Network device question

On Monday 12 May 2003 16:16, Jack Cobb wrote:
> Arnd,
> Once a system has say the Hipersockets driver loaded do you have to
> recompile the kernel to use CTC drivers additionally?  I am a bit lost
> on how I would add a second network device on a running system.  Any
> advice you could give on this would be appreciated.

If you are using the standard kernel, you should have the ctc module
available and just need to load it. If you are already using a kernel you
compiled yourself, it's your responsibility to build the ctc driver
as well.

When you add the adapter, first make sure it shows up in /proc/subchannels,
then configure it in /etc/chandev.conf as described in the manual. 
If rebooting is an option for you, do so. It is usually the easiest way to
activate the card after configuration.

	Arnd <><

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