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Re: Re-building Debian Kernal

Rod Clayton wrote:

When I re-build the kernel, will the default options be the ones used to build the kernel last time, or will they be the standard default options?

They will be the standard options that are shipped with the kernel source, not the ones that are used for the Debian kernel image.

Is there a list of options that were used to build the default kernel?

Yes, install the kernel-image-2.4.(17|19)-s390 package. You'll find the options in /boot/config-2.4.(17|19). Just copy this file to .config in your kernel source tree and call "make menuconfig" to make changes.

What SILO options do I use to get the system to boot the new kernel?

Debian uses zipl, not SILO. You can define your kernel images in /etc/zipl.conf and call zipl to boot your kernel on the next IPL. See the zipl man page for more details.

Stefan Gybas

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