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Re: Re: debian woody on Z800 help

On Saturday 12 April 2003 15:54, Doug Griswold wrote:
> I have downloaded the oco modules from IBM website from the link that
> you gave me and the mkinitrd2.sh script from the other link.  I copied
> the qdio and qeth modules to the same directory as the mkinitrd2.sh and
> then executed the script.  The debian s/390 install manual doesn't cover
> this at all they only mention that you may need to create second initrd.
> Here is what I get when kicking of the script.  Also thanks a bunch for
> helping me debian on s/390 is a different animal.

This really needs some documentation. 

Here is what I did.
Copy script and both tar.gz files to the same directory. 
tar zxf qdio-2.4.17-s390-1.tar.gz and 
tar zxf qeth-2.4.17-s390-1.tar.gz.
mv qeth-2.4.17-s390-1.o qeth.o
mv qdio-2.4.17-s390-1.o qdio.o.
Then edit the script and delete 'lcs'. It used to be also OCO, but isn't any 
more. Then execute the script as root passing the parameter '2.4.17' .
This is supposed to work. Let me know any success or failure.


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