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How do I build 2.4.20 kernel?


It seems that the problem I am having with swap.c in 2.4.19 was
fixed long ago (Wed Oct 16 11:18:44 2002) in kernel 2.4.20.

I have been surfing around debian.org for several hours and I have
received no enlightenment.

Can anyone give me a pointer to a cheat sheet or a checkoff list
of steps/commands I have to do to build a 2.4.20 kernel for s390?

I have the patch and I know how to apply it. Getting the other
stuff I need onto my linux guest is the problem.

Many TIA,
Dennis G. Wicks             Systems Programmer      dennisw@cdg.ws
Communications Data Group   Tel: (217)355-7117  Fax: (217)351-6994
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Champaign, IL  61822

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