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Re: Mysterious broadcast

Great! That was the answer.

I shutdown samba and I haven't gotten one of those
messages in over 30 minutes.


                    Matt Zimmerman                                                                                                         
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On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 12:15:16PM -0600, Dennis Wicks wrote:

> tcpdump -i eth0 -c 10
> device eth0 entered promiscuous mode
> tcpdump: listening on eth0
> 11:55:15.118933 ipsrvcs3.cdg.ws.netbios-dgm >
> >>> NBT UDP PACKET(138) Res=0x110E ID=0xD923 IP=10 (0xa).80 (0x50).20
> (0x14).63 (0x3f) Port=138 (0x8a) Length=199 (0xc7)
> SourceName=IPSRVCS3        NameType=0x20 (Server)
> DestName=
> [...]
> |domain]                        11:55:15.129341 arsenic.cdg.ws.1057 >
> ipsrvcs1.cdg.ws.domain:  27212+ PTR? (42) (DF)

These are NetBIOS datagrams, probably from samba (unless you have a Windows
machine on the same broadcast segment ;-) ).

 - mdz

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