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Hercules howto?

Did a quick search of the mailing list, but could not necessarily find
what I was looking for.

Want to get Woody up and running on Hercules.  I got 'some stuff' from:

I've been going through instructions here:

I guess I'm wondering if I'm on the right track...  The last URL
mentions running IBCDASDI by creating a hercules.cnf file with a line
"001234 3145 02 0..."

I admit I'm following the steps word for word with no clue what I'm
doing (yet).  From the last part all I get when trying to run hercules
"HHC006I Error in hercules.cnf line 10: Unrecognized keyword 001234"

I'm a overdoing things and there's a much easier way to handle these
CKD/CCKD images to get a running Debian/390 system?


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