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Re: Xprint on arm, powerpc, s390

On Fri, 2002-11-08 at 09:43, Drew Parsons wrote:
> We're not really clear what the problem is though.  The bug reporter says
> the problem is in imake, but the Xprint imake is supposed to be the same as
> in XFree86.  As far as I can tell, the package has compiled fine and I
> expect it will run fine.
> Could someone running these architectures kindly confirm or deny the
> bug, or add more details?

It may well be that the bug doesn't currently manifest itself.  However,
from the description in the report, it does sound like there is at least
a latent problem.

If you are using fgetc() and assigning the result to a "char", this is
incorrect.  The return value is an int.  On i386, the only bad effect
will be that 0xff bytes are interpreted as EOF, which may never occur in
practice; on arm, this bug may cause genuine EOF conditions to be
missed, leading to an infinite loop.

Compiling with -fsigned-char will make arm behave the same way as i386. 
However, this will cause a performance loss so using this flag across
the board is not desirable.


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