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Xprint on arm, powerpc, s390

Dear porters,

Xprint (package xprint-xprintorg, upstream http://xprint.mozdev.org) is now
compiled and uploaded for all architectures.  It is a printing system based
on the X protocol, permitting a more WYSIWIG print.  It's need, for
instance, to get mozilla to print non-latin letters or MathML.

There is a bug report
saying char signedness is broken on arm, powerpc, s390.  Although the
package compiles, apparently this could cause errors.

We're not really clear what the problem is though.  The bug reporter says
the problem is in imake, but the Xprint imake is supposed to be the same as
in XFree86.  As far as I can tell, the package has compiled fine and I
expect it will run fine.

Could someone running these architectures kindly confirm or deny the
bug, or add more details?

The Xprt server is run automatically via /etc/init.d/xprint when
xprt-xprintorg is installed, so it should be sufficient to test the package
by running:

$ apt-get install xprt-xprintorg xprt-common
$ XPSERVERLIST="`/etc/init.d/xprint get_xpserverlist`" xplsprinters

xplsprinters should list the printers available on your system (as
identified by lpstat -a), for example
printer: lp@strider:64
printer: samba@strider:64
printer: lj1200@strider:64
printer: 1440magic@strider:64

If xplsprinters returns the list, then Xprint can be considered to work, I
think.  I'd love to hear if it does.

For any cut'n'pasters who want to contribute to the bug report, the email
address for bug #161899 is 161899@bugs.debian.org.  Or cc: me, I'm not
subscribed to the porting mailing lists.

Thanks for the help!


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